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Cardiology Services in Danbury, CT with Heart Expert, Dr.Evan Levine

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Here at Docs Urgent Care our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists take pride in providing only the highest quality medical services to all our valued patients in Danbury and the surrounding towns. Dr. Evan S. Levine, a board-certified internist and cardiologist, has over 30 years of experience in the field. He is not only the author of a top selling book entitled “What Your Doctor Won’t (or Can’t) Tell You” but is a well-known patient advocate and has appeared on the Today Show and CNN as an expert in healthcare. Dr. Levine is committed to providing all his Danbury patients with personalized treatment options that meet with their individual needs.

Services Offered

EKG Testing

An EKG or an electrocardiogram provides an analysis of important patient data with regard to any abnormal flow of blood to the heart muscle which can ultimately result in heart attack, enlarged hearts, and electrolyte abnormalities, to name a few. In addition, it can detect heart rates of our Danbury patients that are irregular, excessively slow or overly fast as well. An EKG records the electrical signals that are present in the heart. It is a painless and non- invasive heart test used to diagnose a number of common heart problems in patients of all ages. An EKG not only monitors heart health but can also provide a quick and effective detection of heart problems of many types. Here at Docs Urgent Care, Dr. Levine performs EKGS right here at the clinic and administers an EKG when a patient complains of any of the following:
There are many people who are at risk for heart conditions or have existing heart conditions of assessments that warrant an EKG testing that can provide further analysis or early detection. The risk of heart conditions can be minimized when proper and timely detection occurs. For those individuals in the Danbury area who present with conditions requiring treatment options, Dr. Levine is on hand to assess and evaluate patient status and to ultimately implement a personalized treatment plan that meets with the individual’s specific needs. Give a call out to Dr. Levine or one of his staff to schedule your appointment today.

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