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Cardiology Services in Orange, CT with Heart Expert, Dr.Evan Levine

Get to Know Our Cardiologist

The team of highly skilled and certified specialists and doctors here at Docs Urgent Care take a great deal of pride in providing only the highest quality, comprehensive medical services to all our valued patients in Orange and in many of the adjacent towns. Dr. Evan S. Levine, a highly reputable member of our team and a board-certified internist and cardiologist, has over 30 years of experience in the field of cardiology. He is the author of a top selling book entitled “What Your Doctor Won’t (or Can’t) Tell You” as well as a highly recognized patient advocate and has appeared on the Today Show and CNN as an expert in health care. Dr. Levine is committed to helping his patients identify their heart problems and in providing all his Orange patients with effective personalized treatment options that meet with their personal medical needs.

Services Offered

Dr. Evan Levine, a certified cardiologist with the highest level of integrity and knowledge, provides superior cardiology services here at Docs Urgent Care to all of our patients in Orange, CT at the 521 Boston Post Road location. His office hours are 9:00 to 5:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Dr. Levine along with his dedicated team of specialists takes pride in providing his patients with high-quality cardiology services. He strives to implement personalized treatment plans that are designed to help patients get both their health and their lives back on track.

Stress Test

A stress test, often referred to as an exercise or treadmill test, is a test used by our cardiologists to help determine how well an individual’s heart can handle the ‘stress’ or workload put on it. As a stress test is performed, the patient’s heart has to pump more blood in its effort to handle the work strain at hand. A stress test identifies the level and type of activity that is best suited to our Orange patient and also provides evidence if there is a lack of blood supply that flows through the arteries of the patient’s heart.

Why Does an Individual Need a Stress Test?

Dr. Levine and the doctors here at Docs Urgent Care use exercise stress tests on our Orange patients who present with the following:

Your Stress Test

During your stress test, our Orange patients will be hooked to specialized equipment that monitors their heart. The patient is instructed to walk slowly on the treadmill and from time to time to breathe into a tube for a couple of moments. The stress test monitors your heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, your EKG and how tired you feel during and after the test. Dr. Levine wants to ensure all his Orange patients that there is very little risk when taking a stress test. If necessary, the test can be stopped at any time and Dr. Levine and/or a medical specialist will be on hand throughout the duration of your stress test. For more information about stress testing be sure to contact Dr. Levine or one of his dedicated staff members and schedule your consultation appointment today.

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