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Here in New Milford at the DOCS Medical Group, our committed team of physicians offer at-home sleep tests to patients who may be suffering from sleep disorders. The tests are performed in your home, and monitor sleep and breathing patterns, along with other important elements. The results of testing are used to diagnose a variety of sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). For information about at-home testing, be sure to contact our New Milford staff today.

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At Home Sleep Testing Services

What Is an At Home Sleep Test?

At-home sleep tests have become popular today because they make testing easier and more comfortable. While sleeping in the comfort of their own home, sleep and breathing patterns are being monitored and recorded. The results are passed along to the doctor for their analysis and diagnosis.

Common Sleep Apnea symptoms include:

  •    Waking up with a very sore or dry throat
  •    Loud snoring
  •    Occasionally waking up with a choking or gasping sensation
  •    Sleepiness or lack of energy during the day
  •    Sleepiness while driving
  •    Morning headaches
  •    Restless sleep

Here in New Milford, we schedule initial consultations with patients to gather important medical histories, and obtain information about sleep symptoms. When given an at-home test, the patient is allowed to perform testing in their own surroundings, making the test process easier and more convenient. The results generated by the tests are reliable, but the only down side is that they do not monitor how long you are asleep, and whether you are a light or a heavy sleeper.

At Home Sleep Tests

Sleep Apnea Testing

The generated test results are studied and analyzed by one of our doctors here at the New Milford clinic to determine whether or not you suffer from a sleep disorder. The test monitors sleep patterns, any interruptions to your sleep, and how many times you stop breathing while sleeping.

Here at the clinic in New Milford, we provide our patients with all the information needed about their sleep test and equipment, and offer instructions on the proper use of the sleep sensors.

Measuring Your Results

While sleeping, patients experience a variety of sleep patterns that are closely monitored by the sleep apnea test. At the end of the test, a report is generated, highlighting sleep and breathing activities. This report is provided to your doctor who uses it in determining whether or not you suffer from a sleep disorder, such as OSA.  When your doctor has completed their assessment, they will schedule a follow up appointment with you to go over their findings, and discuss treatment options.

If the test concludes that you suffer from OSA, your doctor will then refer you for further treatment with a certified sleep specialist. If, however, it reveals no indicators of OSA, your doctor may choose to perform additional testing to pinpoint the source of your symptoms.          

Sleep Disorder Treatment

When OSA has been the diagnosed disorder, you will then be referred to one of our certified sleep specialists located at our Norwalk or Orange locations for further testing and treatment.  The specialist will discuss in detail your test results, all findings, the treatment options available and will also design an ongoing  personalized treatment plan for you.

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At Home Sleep Testing in New Milford When You Need It

If you suffer from disrupted sleep, or any other types of sleep disorders, then our at-home sleep apnea test may be the ideal option for you. Contact our staff here in New Milford, and schedule an initial consultation. We will then determine if at-home testing is right for you.