Want Better Health? Here’s 6 Ways To Achieve It This New Years

6 Ways to Achieve Better Health this New Years

Along with a New Year, comes new resolutions for many people. It is around this time that many set health goals heading into the new year. However, a lot of people set massive goals which at first may seem to be difficult to achieve and prove to be discouraging. Rigid day-to-day schedules and priorities also make it difficult for a lot of people to maintain these goals. In this article, we are going to share a few small achievable goals that will help you break that cycle.

Make Breakfast a Priority

Doctors and health specialists at DOCS Urgent Care in Fairfield, Norwalk, or Bridgeport understand stress and the importance of breakfast, yet 31 million Americans skip it. Breakfast provides you with a healthy diet of fiber, calcium, protein, and whole-grains. Breakfast enables you to have more energy, reduces the risk of type two diabetes, prevents heart disease, and keep colds and flus away.  

Try to Refrain from Eating a Lot of Sugar

Studies have repeatedly shown the dangers associated with consuming sugar. Sugar causes many health issues including heart disease, tooth decay, and an increase in weight. However, the scariest part is that it increases the likelihood of developing diabetes. It is difficult to refrain from sugar usage due to sugar being added in many food products out there. Sugar also comes in many alias including high fructose corn syrup, dried cane syrup, molasses, sucrose. Being aware of these products and avoiding them will positively impact your health.

Take a More Proactive Role in Your Health

About 45 percent of Americans live with a chronic health issue. A visit to your primary care physician for an annual checkup may offset the development of a chronic disease. Any time an abnormal appearance or feeling occurs, proper examination and treatment plans can be made to prevent the condition from worsening. A comprehensive lab test from a urgent care provider will not only be inexpensive, but contribute to better health.

Get Plenty of Exercise

While recent studies have shown that exercise alone will not contribute to weight loss, however, the benefits of increased bone and muscle strength, a reduced risk of chronic disease, better mood, and mental health is more than enough reason to still exercise. Exercising does not have to be as daunting and physically overwhelming as people make it out to be. Simple tasks such as taking the stairs instead of an elevator or walking to the local shop instead of driving provide great health benefits in the long run. It is important to realize that making exercise part of your weekly routine will gradually lead to a healthier appearance and lifestyle.

Sleep Makes a Huge Difference

Neglecting sleep has been linked to increasing the risk of chronic disease. Conditions ranging from depression, mood disorders, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease increase in development



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