Diagnostic Lab Testing Services in Danbury, CT – Coming Soon

If you are a Danbury resident in need of timely, affordable, and convenient lab tests, then we are the team for you.  Here at DOCS Urgent Care of Danbury our dedicated professionals are on hand to provide you with a wide range of treatments by way of our site diagnostic and clinical lab testing. From full lab panels, lab cultures, DNA testing, and breast cancer screens, to pregnancy testing, STD testing, hepatitis testing, and drug screens we handle it all.

While we wait for the Danbury location to open, patients in Danbury can visit our Bethel location – Learn More




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Danbury, CT 06811



Convenient, On-Site Lab Testing

We take pride in our innovative, state-of-the-art equipment here at our Danbury lab and strive to provide every patient who walks through the door with quick, easy and accurate testing and results. Our team is dedicated to providing doctors and their patients with lab tests in a timely fashion to allow for the administering of a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.


Lab Cultures – To detect infections and determine sensitivity to antibiotics samples and tissue cultures are performed.

Full Lab Panels
– Used to aid in the diagnosis of a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

Pregnancy Diagnosis – An accurate trusted diagnosis for determining pregnancy.

Hepatitis Testing– Consists of a series of blood work and tests that can detect hepatitis A, B, or C infections whether current or past.

STD Testing – Confidential screening used for identifying common sexually transmitted diseases quickly and easily

Influenza Testing – Used for testing respiratory tracts and detecting whether or not influenza viral antigens are present.

Avoid the Emergency Room Crowds for Lab Testing

Emergency room visits, as we all know, often require waiting for extended periods of time for any treatment, especially if you are there for simple lab work and tests. With that said, the team here at DOCS Urgent Care takes tremendous pride in providing all our patients with efficient and accurate lab test results. Our staff is every bit detail oriented as they are careful and thorough with all patient lab samples and whether results take minutes or days, rest assured patients receive accurate and reliable results needed for important medical and health care decision making.

When you are not in need of emergency care but need lab tests and quick results, heading to the ER just doesn’t make sense. By visiting DOCS Urgent Care of Danbury, you won’t need to set up an appointment with your primary care physician.

With our dedicated team on hand to assist you, why waste time or money on an emergency room visit and, if you prefer not to schedule your lab appointment with your general physician’s office, then head on over to DOCS Urgent Care of Danbury today!

The Care You Need, When You Need It in Danbury

For top-rated yet affordable diagnostic lab testing services you can trust, visit DOCS Urgent Care of Danbury’s on-site laboratory today.  We are steadfast in providing all our valued patients with the highest quality medical and lab testing this side of Connecticut. If you are in need of diagnostic lab testing services, then don’t delay.  Be sure to visit our award-winning Danbury location today!

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