STD Testing & Treatment in Danbury, CT

The professionals here at Docs Urgent Care in Danbury understand full well the importance of confidentiality.  With that said we provide high quality, confidential STD testing and treatment for patients of all ages. 

Headed by a group of board-certified providers, the team here at our Danbury clinic provides patients with the best of care at lower prices.  Our walk-in clinic is proud of our high-quality care and our affordable prices and we accept nearly all types of insurances.



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What to Know about STD Testing

What happens during an std testing?

Testing for STDs is a quick and efficient process.  Testing and results are primarily based upon a patient’s symptoms, such as sores, discharge and pain to name a few), the type of sexual contact they have had and the patient’s sexual and medical histories.  Our trained specialists will ask a series of questions about your sexual activities in their efforts to better understand what potential STDs you may have come in contact with. Upon completion of this confidential consultation, the doctor will determine which STD testing needs to be performed.

In many cases we can test the sample right here in our Danbury clinic.  However, there are some instances where we need to send the sample out to the lab for results.  Though having an STD or STI test performed can be somewhat of an uncomfortable situation for most people, you should not disregard symptoms that you may have since an untreated STD can certainly turn into a much bigger problem over time.

Types of Testing:

*Urine or blood sample

*Swabs (mouth, genitals, sores, discharge)

*Physical exam

Depending on which tests you have received, the sample will either be tested directly in our Bethel office or may be sent to an outside lab. It is not uncommon for patients to feel uncomfortable requesting a test for an STD or STI (sexually transmitted infection), but it is important to be tested if you’re experiencing any symptoms, as an untreated STD can cause further complications.

What Types of Treatment are available at DOCS Urgent Care of Bethel?

First, we can treat the following STD’s: 






*Hepatitis C



Once we have diagnosed the correct STD or STI, you will be given treatment options to choose from.  If treatment involves prescription antibiotics, be sure to complete the prescription even if the symptoms appear to have gone away.  You can be sure the team here at DOCS Urgent Care in Danbury will find the right treatment for you to protect your health as well as the health of your sexual partners.

When Should You Get Tested?

If you have noticed symptoms or an infection because of your sexually active lifestyle, or perhaps you have multiple sex partners or may even have had sex recently without proper protection, don’t delay.  Be sure to come on down to our Danbury clinic and have one of our qualified doctors perform appropriate testing to determine what type of STD, if any, that you have and the proper course of treatment. If you have not experienced symptoms but may still have a concern, testing can surely verify that you have not contracted any STD or STI and that you are healthy in that regard.

The Care When You Need It in Danbury

DOCS Urgent Care of Danbury is a part of the highly reputable DOCS Urgent Care network. We are a network of skilled doctors and professional clinics led by board certified health care providers with a goal of providing all our patients with the highest quality care in convenient timelines and at very affordable prices.


During this surge in COVID-19 cases, our primary focus is meeting the high demand for tests, and we are seeing higher than usual wait times. This means we are unable to answer most phone calls. Please know that our teams are working very hard during this time to care for as many patients as safely as possible. Please click the button below for answers to common questions. We appreciate your understanding.