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If you’re waiting to get your annual flu shot, DOCS Urgent Care in Norwalk, CT is your trusted local clinic for prompt and affordable flu immunizations. Don’t worry about making an appointment because we accept walk-in patients every day. We highly advise getting your vaccination prior to the active flu season but it’s still essential to obtain one during the peak months.

When you visit our Norwalk, CT Urgent Care Clinic, we will provide you with superior and economically priced services. Why pay for costly emergency room fees when you can take advantage of our affordable prices in Norwalk, CT? Our office accepts the majority of insurance plans.



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What to Know About Flu Vaccinations


Every single season, the flu impacts millions of lives. Hundreds of thousands end up in the hospital, and tens of thousands die as a result of flu complications. Influenza is a deadly respiratory illness that can be one of many different viral strains. It’s probable to catch the flu at any time during the year. Still, it’s more common for people to contract it when the virus is at its peak.

It’s common for flu season to run from October to May in the states, with some occurrences of flu during the rest of the year. The flu is known to be more serious and even fatal for the elderly, young, and any person with particular medical conditions. People with overall excellent health can catch the flu but normally start to feel better within days or a week depending on the severity of the symptoms. Visit us for your annual flu shot in our Norwalk, CT Urgent Care Clinic.


The CDC recommends that people in good health and at least six months of age should get a flu vaccination. The healthcare professionals at the Urgent Care facility in Norwalk, CT can give you the best defense against catching the flu—a flu shot. The CDC reports by getting your annual flu vaccination, you are boosting your immune system because it develops antibodies that help you fight against contracting and spreading the dangerous virus.

The flu shot has been safely given to people in the states for about 50 years. Extensive studies establish the overall safety of the flu vaccination. It’s especially important to get your flu shot because of the people who run a greater chance of developing flu-related complications.

Higher Risk Individuals Include :

  • Children 5 years and younger
  • Adults 65 years and older
  • Pregnant women or women up to 2 weeks postpartum
  • Individuals living in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities


Once you get your flu shot in our Norwalk, CT location, antibodies develop that will protect you from future infection. Traditional flu vaccines, or trivalent vaccines, guard you against these viruses: influenza A (H1N1) virus, influenza A (H3N2) virus, and influenza B virus.

The quadrivalent vaccination protects against four flu viruses, the three above and another B virus. Both types contain inactivated virus strains. Individuals concerned about egg allergies can safely get the recombinant influenza vaccine since it’s developed without eggs. The final alternative is the nasal spray flu vaccine. It’s the only vaccination made with live, attenuated (weakened) flu virus strains.

We advise obtaining your flu immunization when you’re feeling well. It protects you from catching the flu. To decide on the best flu vaccine for you, visit us and speak with our experts at our Urgent Care Clinic in Norwalk, CT today.

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