Pre-Employment Physical Examinations in Southington, CT

For companies, businesses, and all ranges of employers throughout Southington, CT, DOCS Urgent Care offers professional pre-employment physical examinations. These services can help companies better understand the health condition, physical nature, and general capabilities of individuals they plan on hiring. Our physical exams are thorough and measure all of the necessary departments to help potential employees be approved of work-related tasks.

When a company is looking to fill a position or welcome a new member to the team, pre-employment physical exams can help in the final decision of selecting a candidate. We want to help companies feel prepared for employee expectations. This includes decreasing potential injuries while working, which can also decrease health care costs and various expenses for your Southington company.



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Why is the Pre-Employment Physical Examination Necessary?

Before hiring a new individual and welcoming them to your team, it is important to understand their health condition and physical abilities, including illnesses and various conditions. As this can affect their employment, DOCS Urgent Care is here to help the companies of Southington with professional tests.

The physical examination at DOCS Urgent Care covers a variety of grounds and conditions. One of these areas includes medication testing. Different medication serves different purposes, and similarly, it can have different effects on individuals. Rather than letting this impact an employee’s ability to work and potentially putting others at risk, DOCS Urgent Care undergoes proper testing. This involves medication that increases drowsiness (to avoid harm with heavy machinery) and anti-depressants (for increased risk at high stress level jobs). At our Southington clinic, we also provide drug testing. As with everything we do at DOCS Urgent Care, we want to help keep your workplace safe and healthy.

Our Pre-Employment Physicals Include:

  • Drug Testing
  • Pre-employment physical
  • Fit for duty Exams
  • Immunizations
  • DOT Physicals
  • Flu Clinic
  • Wellness Exams
  • Lab Testing
  • Physical Abilities Test (PATs)
  • Complete review of medical history
  • Pulmonary & respiratory function tests
  • Vision & hearing function tests
  • Strength tests
  • Medical documentation

Drug Testing

DOCS Urgent Care provides innovative and modern drug testing and drug screening methods to decrease risk and keep your Southington company safe. Some of these methods include mouth swabs, blood tests, urinalysis, and hair testing. The variety of tests helps to compensate schedule or timing that may be needed to produce accurate results for your business.

Physical Abilities Test (PAT)

The PAT, or Physical Abilities Test, is a simple examination that takes into consideration several different fronts of capabilities. It can ensure proper strength for needed jobs and positions. It measures grip, pull, and general strength, including carrying abilities.


Immunizations are crucial to keep up to date and accurate. It can help protect both individual employees, as well as the entire workplace. DOCS Urgent Care offers a variety of immunizations at our Southington clinic, including influenza, Hepatitis B, and varicella.

How Often Do I Need to Test My Employees?

To help ensure proper employment, we encourage companies to perform physical examinations prior to the final hiring. Certain jobs, however, such as holding a commercial driver’s license, require a regular update every 2 years.

For your Southington, CT company, DOCS Urgent Care is here to provide trustworthy, professional, and affordable physical examinations for all of your potential employees. Our physicians are board-certified and put our patients first in every treatment and exam. If your business has specific requirements, we can customize the exam to check for what you need. We further can allow for extended hours on nights and weekends if you have complications with schedules. Feel free to call us to set this up. Walk-ins are always allowed.

Care When You Need It in Southington

DOCS Urgent Care is a large network of clinics that serves the Connecticut area. With all of our services, we seek to provide professional care and treatment at reasonable prices. Your health is our priority.

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