STD Testing & Treatment in Stratford, CT

If you’re currently sexually active, consulting a board-certified doctor at DOCS Urgent Care in Stratford, CT to be examined for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is a significant element of maintaining your health. It’s especially necessary before you partake in sexual relations with a new partner. This might seem awkward but if you leave many STDs untreated then you may develop something as serious as cancer.

We believe in giving our patients the protection and reassurance they deserve. We take walk-ins every day of the week so there’s no need for an appointment unless you want to make one. We are happy to provide competitively priced and complete STD testing at our Stratford, CT location.



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What to Know About STD Testing

What happens during an STD Testing?

Testing for STDs is often an uncomplicated process, but the actual testing depends on the kind of disease you want to be tested for. At DOCS Urgent Care in Stratford, CT, we offer comprehensive STD testing depending on your symptoms. We conduct our testing in a secure, private setting.

Since the issue of STD testing is challenging, we strive to provide a safe place where our patients feel secure enough to bring up these problems with our staff. We try to treat our clients with the ultimate in care because we recognize the delicate nature of STD testing. Never wait to get examined by a doctor. The longer you wait may result in a negative impact on your health.

Types of Testing:

*Urine or blood sample

*Swabs (mouth, genitals, sores, discharge)

*Physical exam

If you see symptoms like sores, warts, or rashes around your genital region, you should get testing as soon as you can. Once we’ve reviewed your health and sexual activity details, we will provide you with an STD test based on our initial conclusion. In some situations, for instance, if you lack visible symptoms, we recommend getting a full STD panel to eliminate any possible STDs.

What Types of Treatment Are Available In Our STRATFORD Urgent Care?

First, we can treat the following STD’s:






*Hepatitis C



After gathering a sample from you, our medical team will either test it in our Stratford, CT clinic or send it to a nearby lab for analysis. We usually receive the results from the lab within a week. Each treatment plan for STDs changes because every disease is different. We can often treat you prior to your departure while other STDs will require a treatment administered over the course of several months.

All Available Vaccinations:

When Should You Get Tested?

If you’re presently engaging in sexual activities with anyone, even if you’re in a loyal relationship, you should receive an STD test to assure you continue to be healthy and STD-free. If the test comes back with a positive result, our devoted staff will assist you through this sometimes difficult and upsetting time.

Your best line of defense against being exposed to an STD is to use protection. We accept walk-in patients at our Stratford, CT clinic throughout our regular operating hours seven days a week at any suitable time for them. If you prefer scheduling an appointment our team can help you with that. For more information, contact us today.

The Care When You Need It in Stratford

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