Stratford, CT Workers’ Compensation and Related Injury Services

Helping With Employers Health and Wellness Needs

If you’ve experienced a recent injury at your place of employment, our medical staff will help organize your treatment plan to get you feeling better in no time at all! At DOCS Urgent Care in Stratford we administer speedy treatment for your employees in addition to supporting you with detailed claims reporting. You never have to spend hours accruing high fees at the emergency room ever again. Let the doctors in our Stratford DOCS Urgent Care examine and treat you for a low-cost alternative.

If you ever have a job-related injury, you should see a physician for an evaluation soon after for treatment. Our medical staff in Stratford is ready to help you with your exam and care. No matter when it happens during the week, rest assured that we’re open seven days a week for your convenience.



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What is Workers’ Compensation?

For any person working in Connecticut, workers’ compensation guarantees them medical services, security from loss of pay, and survivor benefits if you become injured, sick, or perish due to a job-related incident. These are given regardless of liability. Payment is granted for things like doctor visits and prescription medication. Every company in Connecticut is required to keep current workers’ compensation for its employees. In regards to specific questions, reach out to DOCS Urgent Care in Stratford.

Why Should I Invest in Employee Injury Care for my Company?

After an employee gets sick or hurt on the job, there are several steps you need to take. It can get complex and confusing fast. The team at the DOCS Urgent Care in Stratford is ready to walk you through the process and deliver reliable care to help your employee feeling better quickly.

What Services are provided?

Just as your employees’ health is of importance to you, it’s important for us to deliver quality care to them and you. Save money and time when you choose DOCS Urgent Care in Stratford. Our clinic fully understands the intricacies of workers’ compensation and offers low-cost, honest pricing on medical services. We work hard to help your employees recover and get back to work after their health is restored. Check out the additional healthcare services we provide in our walk-in clinic:

  • Pre-employment and pre-placement examinations
  • Executive physical examinations
  • Annual employee examinations
  • D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T. drug and alcohol testing
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • International travel vaccines
  • Onsite laboratory, X-Ray, EKG, and spirometry

Why Choose DOCS Urgent Care of Stratford?

The workers’ compensation treatment given at the DOCS Urgent Care in Stratford is the best around. We can check you out as long as it’s not an immediate threat to your life. Our objective is to make certain you stay out of the emergency room and are feeling normal again soon. Ask to talk with one of our experts about the needs of your business and employees.