X-Ray Imaging Services in Connecticut

DOCS Urgent Care serves Connecticut by providing expert x-ray imaging services from board-certified physicians and trained technicians. When you step into our clinic you can expect low wait times, and high quality care. When you come by, a board-certified Radiologist is always available to review your images. In addition, a digital copy is also available to share with your orthopedic surgeon or other specialists to better coordinate follow-up management and treatment.

DOCS is dedicated to giving each patient the treatment they deserve. If you’re in need of an X-Ray, stop by your local location for affordable imaging services.




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Will I Need an X-Ray?

Injuries can occur at any time, especially when we least expect it. If you feel that you have broken or fractured a bone or require medical attention, our Urgent Care facility can provide you with the necessary diagnostic testing to help you proceed with the proper treatment.

If you feel that you may have broken or fractured a bone, seek help from one of our qualified physicians and technicians at DOCS Urgent Care.

Common Bone Fractures

There are many kinds of bone fractures that can occur from common injuries. The most known types consist of:

  • Comminuted fracture- This type of fracture is where the bone is shattered in at least three different places.
  • Oblique fracture- When a fracture produces an angled pattern in the bone.
  • Open, or compound, fracture- A fracture where the bone pierces through the skin and may be visible to the naked eye.
  • Stable fracture- The bones that are broken still line up well together.
  • Transverse fracture- A fracture that results in a horizontal line in the bone.

Symptoms of a Broken or Fractured Bone

You are more likely to have a fractured or broken bone if you display these symptoms:

  • Have an intense or shooting pain when you try to move the affected area
  • Bruises develop around the area
  • You have tenderness and/or swelling
  • You can see the bone through punctured skin or your affected limb looks deformed or out of place

If you have any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately. We can x-ray your injury and get you the treatment that you need right away, no waiting.

The Care When You Need It in Connecticut

DOCS Urgent Care is Connecticut’s trusted Urgent Care. Our top priority is to assist your injury promptly and at an affordable price so you can get better in no time.


During this surge in COVID-19 cases, our primary focus is meeting the high demand for tests, and we are seeing higher than usual wait times. This means we are unable to answer most phone calls. Please know that our teams are working very hard during this time to care for as many patients as safely as possible. Please click the button below for answers to common questions. We appreciate your understanding.