Occupational Health Services in West Haven, CT

Keep your Employees Healthy & Safe On The Job 

Come into DOCS Urgent Care of West Haven for all your occupational health service needs. We understand the importance of caring for all of your employees. When you’re in need of immediate care, partner with us to receive quick and affordable treatment so you can get back on your way.

We partner with employers in building and delivering customized programs that improve patient outcomes, save time and money and deliver better overall experiences.  We accept all insurances and offer both scheduled and walk-in appointments.



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Benefits of Occupational Health for Your Employees

Whether it’s drug screenings or immediate treatment you’re looking for, DOCS Urgent Care’s occupational health experts are there for you. Your company is responsible for the health and wellness of your employees while they’re on the clock, but you also need to make sure that they can physically perform the tasks you’ve given them. Especially if you work in an industry that requires heavy lifting or repetitive physical actions. 

We offer a comprehensive range of services, designed with your convenience in mind. We’re open 7 days a week with extended hours, no appointment is necessary. 

Our Occupational Health Services in West Haven, CT

DOT Physicals/CDL Exams

At our walk-in facility in West Haven, we offer routine DOT physical exams (also called CDL Exams) for commercial drivers. The exam will cover: 

  • Vision: Drivers will need at least a 20/40 in both eyes and be able to distinguish various colors. 
  • Hearing: Employees will be tested for hearing with and without hearing aids, and to pass they must be able to hear a “forced” whisper. 
  • Blood Pressure / Pulse Rate: Our West Haven clinicians will check your employee’s blood pressure and pulse for any irregularities. 
  • Urinalysis: We’ll also perform a urinalysis to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions present. 
  • Physical Exam: It’s important for the worker to be able to perform their job. This portion will cover appearance, breathing and swallowing, vascular systems, limb weakness, and any other physical attribute that may provide limitations for a driver. 
  • Vaccinations: If any worker needs updated vaccinations, we can cover them.

Pre-Employment Physicals

At our West Haven clinic, we offer pre-employment physicals that are performed to ensure employers that their recent hires are healthy and fit enough to perform their new job’s daily tasks. These physicals are especially prevalent for industries that require employees to perform physical labor.

  • Drug Testing 
  • Immunizations
  • Wellness Exams
  • Lab Testing 
  • Physical Abilities Test (PATs) 
  • Review of Medical History 
  • Pulmonary & Respiratory Function Tests
  • Vision & Hearing Function Tests 
  • Strength Tests 
  • Medical Documentation

Workers’ Compensation & Related Injury Services

When an employee is hurt on the job, it’s challenging not only for that worker but for everyone involved. As the employer, you need to file a workers’ compensation claim, plus manage everything related to the injury and accident. It can be tough, costly and time-consuming.

Some of our Workers’ Compensation services include:

  • Pre-employment and Pre-placement Examinations
  • Executive Physical Examinations
  • Annual Employee Examinations
  • D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T. Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Immunizations and Vaccines
  • International Travel Vaccines
  • Onsite Laboratory, X-Ray, EKG, and Spirometry 

DOCS 360 Program

When you partner with DOCS you are ensuring your employees are well cared for. DOCS of West Haven is now offering a well-rounded health and wellness program. This is a simple and affordable subscription program that will give you unlimited access to DOCS 360.

This program gives members access to our West Haven location as well as the other 16 locations located across Connecticut. What we cover in our program includes:

  • Annual Physical 
  • Flu Shots on Location (At all 17 DOC Locations) 
  • Unlimited Sick Visits 
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Unlimited Onsite Imaging
  • Pre & Post Employment Physicals
  • Drug Testing
  • DOT Physicals
  • X-Rays


At DOCS Urgent Care of West Haven, we understand that quality service delivery doesn’t stop with excellent clinical treatment. Our experiences indicate timely and precise employer and employee communications and reporting are equally important – and we excel in this area. Contact us today to learn more.