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Connecticut Workers’ Compensation and Related Injury Services

Helping With Employer Health and Wellness Needs

DOCS Primary Care in Connecticut provides a high quality of service from certified doctors and physicians.

If you have an employee that has been injured on the job, they can visit one of our primary care doctors at any of our Connecticut locations. Our doctors and staff are dependable and make it easy for you or your employee to receive quality medical care when it’s required.

Our Connecticut Locations Offering Workers Compensation 


What is Workers’ Compensation?

Our work compensation system provides insurance benefits to any employee who has suffered a work-related injury. Connecticut has a no-fault system, meaning if one has no insurance, the expenses that occur will have to come from your own pockets, the work-related injury has to be addressed by the employer. Injured employees will have immediate access to any prescription drugs, prosthetic devices, and medical examinations they may need.

All businesses in Connecticut are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance available for their employees. If you have any questions or concerns, call one of our primary care locations to start learning about workers’ compensation for your employees.

Why Should I Invest in Employee Injury Care for my Company?

If you need a workers’ compensation plan for your employees, consider partnering with one of our primary care facilities. We provide hospital-quality service without the cost or stress usually accompanied with lengthy E.R. visits. However, work-related injuries that are life threatening should be addressed by an E.R. doctor as soon as possible.

What Services are provided?

With partnering with DOCS Primary Care of Connecticut, your employees will have ful access to other services we provide as well, including:

  • Pre-employment and pre-placement examinations
  • Executive physical examinations
  • Annual employee examinations
  • D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T. drug and alcohol testing
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • International travel vaccines
  • Onsite laboratory, X-Ray, EKG, and spirometry

Why Choose DOCS Primary Care in Connecticut?

If your company is in need of a workers’ compensation plan, consider the trusted and reliable staff at our Primary Care Centers of Connecticut. Our qualified staff would be lucky to supply you with our services, motivated to keeping your employees healthy and quality medical care during an injury.