X-Ray Imaging Services in East Haven, CT

At DOCS Urgent Care in East Haven, you won’t have to wait when you have an injury. Our walk-in clinic offers X-rays right in-house, so you will never have to wait in a crowded ER hospital to get checked out. Come to our clinic where you will enjoy immediate service by professional medical personnel.


DOCS Urgent Care is supervised by a board-certified physician. You will receive sensitive, compassionate care by our qualified staff. We don’t charge the same exorbitant prices that an ER does, even though we provide the same type of services. We will do what we can to make sure every patient can afford to be seen, and most insurance plans are readily accepted.

We try to serve our East Haven patients when they need it. We accept both walk-in appointments and appointments scheduled over the phone. Feel free to call ahead for a quicker process at our office. We are open Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm, as well as Saturday-Sunday, 8am-5pm. When you come for your appointment, please bring with you a current insurance card and a photo ID. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call.




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Will I Need an X-Ray?

Fractured and broken bones are two common problems that will require an x-ray to determine their severity. Your bones may be rigid, but they may still “give” some if they are pressed upon. However, too much force will ultimately cause your bone to crack or even break completely. Serious accidents, such as high falls or car accidents, can cause the bone to even shatter. DOCS Urgent Care in East Haven is here to take a look at your injuries and provide you with any necessary x-rays or treatment.

Common Bone Fractures

There are a few different types of bone fractures, such as:


Comminuted fracture- This type of fracture is where the bone is shattered in at least three different places.

Oblique fracture- When a fracture produces an angled pattern in the bone.

Open, or compound, fracture- A fracture where the bone pierces through the skin and may be visible to the naked eye.

Stable fracture- The bones that are broken still line up well together.

Transverse fracture- A fracture that results in a horizontal line in the bone.

Symptoms of a Broken or Fractured Bone

You probably have one of the two if you:

  • Have an intense or shooting pain when you try to move the affected area
  • Bruises develop around the area
  • You have tenderness and/or swelling
  • You can see the bone through punctured skin or your affected limb looks deformed or out of place

If you have any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately. We can x-ray your injury and get you the treatment that you need right away, no waiting.

The Care When You Need It in East Haven

DOCS Urgent Care in East Haven is part of the larger DOCS Urgent Care network that is managed by professional and qualified physicians. Our goal is to help you as quickly as possible, yet still provide quality and affordable care.

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