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DOCS Urgent Care in North Haven gives you x-ray imaging services from our professional, board-certified physicians and trained technicians. When  you visit our walk-in clinic, you can experience low wait times, affordable costs, and acceptance of most insurances. Our board-certified Radiologists are always available to review your images, as well as share a digital copy with your orthopedic surgeon or other specialist. Using these images, they can better coordinate follow-up management and treatment for your unique care.

We look to provide you with the best quality care and treatment for your injuries, without the cost. If you have been injured and are in need of x-ray imaging, please visit our North Haven location. Open 8am-8pm M-F, 8am-4pm Sa-Su. Give us a call today.



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When you have fractured or broken a bone, an x-ray is used to distinguish the severity of the injury. Bones are rigid can have little flex, but too much force can cause your bones to crack or break. These cracks or breaks can develop due to serious trauma, such as a car collision, which can then cause bones to break completely or shatter. If you have been recently injured or think you have a broken bone, let the specialists at the DOCS Urgent Care of North Haven care for you. We have the equipment and expertise needed for your healing.

Common Bone Fractures

These are the most common bone fractures:

Oblique Fracture- A fracture that causes the bone to be in an angled pattern.

Transverse fracture- A broken bone which causes a horizontal fracture line.

Comminuted fracture- This fracture causes the bone to be shattered in at least three places.

Open, compound fracture- This fracture results in the broken bone piercing the skin due to the trauma, or the bone being visible in the wound.

Stable fracture- The broken bones still line up despite being broken.


The probability that you have fractured or broke a bone is higher if you display these symptoms:

  • If you are experience intense pain when the injured area is moved
  • If you have tenderness or swelling around or near the injured area
  • If you begin to see bruising develop around the injured area
  • If you begin to see visual deformity, a limb appearing to be out of place, or has punctured the skin

If you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms, you must seek medical attention immediately. Our North Haven location can be reached by calling: (860) 272-8861. We will be readily available to perform x-ray imaging and get you the help you need for your injury.


X-rays are used to determine and examine many areas of the body. By using digital imaging at our North Haven location, we check for a number of health complications, including:


*Joint dislocations

*Foreign bodies

*Kidney stones

*Bowel obstructions and other various stomach issues

*Congestion or fluid in the lungs

X-Rays in North Haven When You Need IT

DOCS Urgent Care- North Haven is part of the larger DOCS Urgent Care network. Our network is filled with professional Urgent Care clinics that are run by our qualified, board-ceritified physicians. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality care and services, at low costs.

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