STD Testing & Treatment in Norwalk, CT

DOCS Urgent Care in Norwalk, CT offers low-cost sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment options. If you’re sexually active, contemplate getting tested for your own sake and safety. Our board-certified physicians provide reliable services easily in our Norwalk, CT clinic.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of STD testing. It’s not normally included as a part of your yearly exams with your family doctor but it’s critical for your health. You don’t need to make an appointment with our Norwalk, CT clinic unless you prefer it. For your convenience, we accept walk-ins every day and take most health insurance plans.



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What to Know About STD Testing

What happens during an STD Testing?

When you’re ready to obtain your comprehensive STD test, visit our Norwalk, CT walk-in clinic. We know that the thought of possibly having an STD seems alarming but our caring staff is here to answer all of your questions regarding STDs and the testing process.

Before we begin, we take down all of the information related to your sexual activity, medical history, and any type of symptoms. Occasionally, we recommend that you obtain a full panel of STD tests to eliminate the infection of all STDs, particularly if you don’t have any symptoms. If you believe you have caught an STD, please avoid sexual activity and get tested as soon as possible.

Types of Testing:

*Urine or blood sample

*Swabs (mouth, genitals, sores, discharge)

*Physical exam

We take the information we’ve collected from you to form a general idea of the type of STD you may have been exposed to before we give you a test. Once we have it narrowed down then we carry out a physical exam and draw your labs for your STD test. Many of the samples we collect can be assessed in our office. If the obtained specimen is sent to a local lab for testing then the results usually arrive in about a week.

What Types of Treatment Are Available In Our Norwalk Urgent Care?

First, we can treat the following STD’s:






*Hepatitis C



Once we’ve diagnosed your STD, we present you with your treatment options. It’s important to understand that some STDs, like Herpes, cannot be cured. The symptoms of these types of STDs can be managed through medication and lifestyle choices. For the STDs that can be successfully treated, ensure that you follow your doctor’s directions completely to avoid a recurrence of your symptoms. For information about your treatment, speak with a member of our staff at our Norwalk, CT office.

When Should You Get Tested?

If you are sexually active, have unprotected sex, or seem to have developed odd symptoms or an infection, visit our Norwalk, CT clinic for a walk-in evaluation to receive an STD test. It’s chiefly necessary to visit us if you’ve had multiple partners and had sex without protection.

It’s highly recommended that individuals get STD testing periodically. Very often, some patients report not having any symptoms and are completely surprised to learn they’ve contracted an STD. Our team ensures you will receive trustworthy and confidential STD testing at our Norwalk, CT location. For information about DOCS Urgent Care STD testing, reach out today.

The Care When You Need It in Norwalk

DOCS Urgent Care of Norwalk part of the larger DOCS Urgent Care network. A network of professional Urgent Care clinics run by board-certified health care providers. Our goal is to give the highest quality care to our patients while providing affordable care.


During this surge in COVID-19 cases, our primary focus is meeting the high demand for tests, and we are seeing higher than usual wait times. This means we are unable to answer most phone calls. Please know that our teams are working very hard during this time to care for as many patients as safely as possible. Please click the button below for answers to common questions. We appreciate your understanding.