Urgent Care: Reasons to Seek Help and Why It Is Necessary

Health emergencies come when we least expect them. When you have a terrible cold or certain family members need immediate allergy treatment, the last thing you want is to wait in line at the emergency department of your local hospital. The good news is that there are alternative solutions for that — urgent care clinics.

What Is Urgent Care?

Urgent care centers are medical clinics usually located in central districts. They are fast, convenient, and staffed with competent physicians who provide cures for minor illnesses and injuries. These centers also have adequate medical equipment to help address health problems such as sore throats, earaches, and respiratory infections.

These clinics also conduct blood testing and cholesterol checks; thus, they are often the first stop for most individuals who do not have the financial capability to pay for the hospital.

Why Choose Urgent Health Care?

Most people choose to go to urgent facilities for several reasons. The most common is its quick and efficient operation, suitable for those with busy schedules. In addition, while you may wait in line at a hospital emergency department, the wait at an urgent care center is usually much shorter.

Unlike other clinics, walk-in centers are open seven days a week from early morning to late evening, so you can conveniently schedule your visit. Also, the staff at these facilities is highly-trained in dealing with patients of all ages and providing treatments for common emergencies.

Urgent health care consultations also cost less and can be determined upfront based on the urgency level of each patient. Moreover, most of these facilities are found in convenient locations for better accessibility.

Services Offered by Docs Urgent Care

The pandemic has led to the emergence of urgent care clinics across the state. If you live near Connecticut, you can trust Doc’s Urgent Care clinics as your go-to health provider. Their services include:

Chronic Care

This medical service aims to coordinate care for patients with multiple medical conditions. A team of care providers will work with you to ensure that you stay on top of your needs and maintain proper medications. They also specialize in preventative care services for patients at risk of developing certain diseases or conditions.

This includes children and adults who suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders. This type of care is a proactive medical approach that helps you stay healthy and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.


Contrary to common beliefs, vaccines aren’t just for children. If you’re pregnant, traveling during flu season, or have comorbidity, you should talk to your doctor to see which vaccination is right for you. This will protect you from contracting contagious diseases and prevent certain infections from spreading. If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of vaccines and how they work, you may contact DOCs Urgent Care Clinic for more information and updates.

Allergy testing

The shifting of seasons can be challenging for people who suffer from various allergies. Although the most common types are found at home, environmental factors can still trigger an allergic reaction. So, whether you have a seasonal, household, or food allergies, you can benefit greatly from seeking help with these facilities.

Your allergist will conduct a complete evaluation to determine the best practice for your condition. Then, they will devise a plan and recommend preventive measures such as getting allergy shots, blood tests, and even a skin patch test. Urgent care clinics can also administer an intradermal test to people showing severe allergic reactions to pet dander, environmental allergies, and other triggers.

However, keep in mind that treating allergies will depend on the severity of your symptoms, the type of allergy you have, and your medical history. Thus, they may prescribe you sublingual tablets, antihistamines, and immunotherapy to stop your immune system from producing the allergy response. They may also recommend changing your diet and getting rid of things that cause an allergic reaction in your home.

Types of Allergens

The most common type of allergens that cause a severe allergic reaction includes pet dander, insect sting, dust and mold, and certain foods. However, the treatments usually depend on the allergy symptoms you have because certain allergens react differently to most individuals. For example, if you have plant allergies, your allergist may recommend avoiding certain plants and trees in your home.

If you have pet allergies, then they may advise you to regularly change your HVAC filters to help improve your home’s air quality. This will also limit your exposure to their fur, decreasing the chances of experiencing severe reactions. They may even conduct various skin testing such as a skin prick test or a skin patch test to provide you with better medications.

Moreover, inhaling a pet’s fur may cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses. In this case, your allergist will have to require regular checkups, medications, and even allergy shots. If you have dust allergies, cleaning your carpets is your best option to remove dust and pet dander from your home.

Likewise, if you are allergic to certain foods such as milk, nuts, and seafood, then they’ll recommend eliminating them from your diet to avoid anaphylactic shock due to the large number of antibodies that the body produces.

Know When To Go

Despite their reputation for convenience, urgent clinics still have limitations. But how do you know when to seek medical help from urgent care clinics? We’ve got you covered!

You Can’t Make it to Your Appointment

Booking appointments with your primary care physician is excellent as they can give you more information and a proper diagnosis of your condition. But if you happen to miss your schedule or your attending doctor is unavailable, visiting the nearby urgent care clinic is the solution. This is especially true if you immediately require first aid or treatment for minor injuries.

You’re Sick or Injured Beyond Urgency

You’ve got a real bad case of food allergy, and you already feel weak from having trouble breathing. You might need to go to the emergency department, but a couple of people are in line waiting for their turn. Your solution? Walk-in clinic.

These facilities offer exceptional care for minor illnesses and injuries but don’t require immediate attention from hospital emergency rooms. They are also authorized to treat low blood pressure and deliver mild cuts or burn medications. So, don’t hesitate to pay them a visit should you find yourself in this situation.

Triggered by Certain Allergens

Allergies happen when our immune system mistakenly thinks something harmful has invaded our bodies. But while many individuals experience allergic reactions to particular foods, medication, and even plants, most of them choose to ignore these symptoms, thinking they will go away. However, ignoring it will only make it worse and, in some cases, may even be life-threatening.

If you show moderate allergy symptoms, consider getting an allergy test at your nearest allergy center or urgent clinic. Treating allergies early on will save you from expensive medical bills and uncomfortable situations. This is crucial because it will help you determine which allergens you need to avoid. But, of course, if you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction, it is best to rush to the emergency room immediately to get the proper medications.

Your Child Is Sick

Sick and injured children often need immediate care and attention because they are still in the most fragile stage of life. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take them to the nearest clinic if you notice any health concerns and symptoms. Urgent care clinics are equipped with friendly and competent medical professionals who can help improve your child’s condition. However, parents should check in with their child’s doctor first to avoid any complications.

You Have a Broken Bone

Broken bones can be painful and challenging to treat because they don’t heal well without proper treatment. In addition, because fractured bones usually require immediate attention, standing in line at the emergency room will only prolong the agony. Therefore, unless your case involves complex procedures and doesn’t put your health at risk, consider a quick trip to the urgent clinic instead.

You Suspect Having a Life-Threatening Disease

If anyone in your family has a potentially fatal condition, seeing an urgent care clinic may be necessary before receiving treatment elsewhere. This is to save you from expensive hospital bills and ensure no complications arise. In addition, the clinics may administer blood tests, skin tests, respiratory evaluations, or prescription medication refills.

However, in most cases, urgent care clinics will only confirm the patient’s condition. Thus, if a patient suffers from a severe illness, they should seek treatment from a doctor in their network.

You Need a Prescription Filled

Prescription refills are standard in the urgent care setting. So, suppose you have high blood pressure, concussion, or asthma. In that case, you can get your medication prescription filled at these facilities, especially if your attending physician isn’t available. This is because they have many medical supplies available on-site, including those that are usually only available in a pharmacy or by prescription.

However, it is recommended to contact your general practitioner before visiting an urgent care clinic to ensure that you receive the correct treatment for your condition. Urgent care facilities will not be able to diagnose or treat any severe conditions unless accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Choosing the Best Urgent Care in Connecticut?

Only a few clinics offer the same level of medical care as a traditional hospital. The best urgent care centers should be able to handle any medical condition with utmost professionalism. You can also check out the facility’s hours of operation and location to see whether it is convenient enough for you to go there quickly.

If it’s located in shady places, this may only give you inconvenience and substandard medical care late on. The best urgent care clinics are usually found in strip malls, commercial areas, and stand-alone buildings. They must also have emergency rooms on-site so individuals can receive immediate medical attention if necessary.

Finally, make sure to choose clinics with good reputations. Fortunately, the Docs Urgent Care Clinic in Connecticut is proven to provide high-quality medical care and service. So set an appointment today to get the care and best treatment you deserve.

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