Employee Drug Testing in Bethel, CT

In a work environment, it’s important and common for employers to require all staff to complete a drug and alcohol screening. This is to protect the well-being of their employees as well as co-workers and depending on what industry you work in, the general public. 

We offer quick and confidential drug testing for employers at our Bethel location. Schedule an appointment with us today or have your employee stop by for a walk-in appointment. We also offer pre-employment physical examinations in Bethel. 



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Who Requires a Drug Screening?

Almost every industry can require drug testing for their employees. Some safety-sensitive industries can include manufacturing, shipping, transportation and construction, as these are critical industries that need to make sure their employees are not under the influence and can successfully complete job tasks without injury.

When Does Drug Testing Usually Take Place?

The timing of a drug screening depends on when the regulations are within the state of Connecticut and depends on the employer.
  • Pre-employment 
  • After a workers’ compensation claim
  • After an accident
  • Reasonable suspicion 

What Do I Need to Bring to a Drug Test?

When you are requested by an employer to have a drug test, you may require the following items:

  • A valid picture ID which can include a passport, driver’s license or military ID 
  • Any authorization forms or paperwork from your employer

What Happens During a Drug Test?

At DOCS Urgent Care of Bethel, our drug screening methods include blood testing, urinalysis, hair testing and mouth swabs. Depending upon the time frame and effectiveness desired, we provide various tests for various employers in the area.

After the test has been completed and processed, the results will be sent directly back to your employer. Your employer will notify you on the results of the test.

Confidential Drug Testing in Bethel

A goal of DOCS Urgent Care is to keep your employee workforce healthy and active. Our urgent care offices are located within Fairfield, New Haven, and Harford counties and are open 365 days a year with extended weekday/weekend hours to fit your company’s needs.


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