Elderly Vaccinations in Danbury, CT – Coming Soon

Often times we give primary focus to vaccinations that protect our children.  However, vaccinations are just as important for the elderly since vaccinations received early on in life tend to wear off over time.  As a result, the elderly can be more susceptible to diseases because of their age, job, health conditions and even their lifestyle. For the elderly, vaccinations and immunizations help to prevent the spread of a wide range of diseases.   

Here at DOCS Urgent Care in Danbury we take pride in offering elderly vaccinations with a wait-fee, walk-in clinic lead by board-certified medical experts and we accept all major insurances as well.


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What to Know About Vaccinations & Immunizations

What is a Vaccination?

Vaccinations are comprised of the same germs that cause a specific disease. A simple example is that of the measles vaccine which actually contains the measles virus itself. Vaccinations are safely administered because the germ involved has already been killed off or greatly weakened so that when administered it cannot cause an individual to become ill.  Vaccinations help to stimulate your immune system by producing antibodies that serve to develop an immunity to the specific disease without actually contracting it first. It is important, however, for people to understand that vaccines are not a cure for diseases but rather help to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Why do the Elderly Need Vaccinations?

Vaccinations are extremely important to those adults over the age of 65 because as you grow older, your immune system becomes weaker making it difficult in your elder years to fight off infections.  Vaccinations play a significant role for elderly individuals who suffer with ongoing health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. They also help to prevent the spread of diseases to your family, friends or community.

Elderly Vaccinations Offered in Danbury

The elderly are at a greater risk for contracting vaccine-preventable diseases that can ultimately lead to morbidity or mortality.  Here at DOCS Urgent Care in Danbury we are committed to providing all our elderly patients with needed vaccinations and immunizations to help them lead a healthier and longer life. 

Much like children, elderly individuals must adhere to an immunization schedule. To fully understand your immunization requirements and schedule thereto, we highly recommend you consult with your Danbury Primary Care Physician.our

 Adults greater than 65 years of age can take charge of their health and live healthier and longer lives by receiving vaccines including:  

  •   Flu (Influenza)
  •   Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
  •   Pneumonia (Pneumococcal)
  •   TD (Tetanus Diphtheria)
  •   TDAP (Whooping Cough)
  •   Hepatitis A (HEP A)
  •   Hepatitis B (HEP B)
  •   MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)


The Care You Need When You Need It in Danbury

Here at DOCS Urgent Care in Danbury we want all our valued patients to understand that it is every bit as important to protect our elderly population as it is to protect our children which ultimately serves to protect our families, friends and our communities.  For this reason, we recommend you consult with one of our primary care physicians here at our Danbury location to learn more about updating your vaccinations and appropriate schedules as well. 

Our board-certified physicians and specialists are committed to providing only the highest quality of care to all our patients, including the elderly, and we do so at very affordable prices.

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