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Ticks can be a daunting and intimidating pest when the summer and fall months roll around. That’s why DOCS Urgent Care provides professional treatment for all people in the East Haven, CT region. Our treatment plans are affordable and overseen by board certified and trained physicians, helping you receive the testing and care you need for any tick bite.

We try to serve our East Haven patients when they need it. We accept both walk-in appointments and appointments scheduled over the phone. Feel free to call ahead for a quicker process at our office. We are open Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm, as well as Saturday-Sunday, 8am-5pm. When you come for your appointment, please bring with you a current insurance card and a photo ID. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call.




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Why get tested?

With the warmer weather and longer days, it is a great opportunity to spend plenty of time outdoors. During these times, however, the ticks also like to be out and about. Ticks, which are tiny black or brown pests, tend to carry various bacteria and viruses that be spread to animals and humans. If untreated, this can result in diseases, such as Lyme Disease. A tick bite, though small, should be treated immediately, especially in the East Haven area.

Lyme Disease is a very serious illness that is most commonly contracted through ticks. Ticks like to hide in grassy areas and wooded parks. If you find yourself spending a lot of time outside on warmer days, make sure to check for ticks. If you experience a tick bite, contact us immediately and have the bite checked out. Early catch can decrease pain later on.

getting checked for lyme

There are different symptoms to look for when you experience a tick bite. Everyone may react differently, but if you receive a tick bite, pay attention to these following symptoms, as they may be connected to Lyme Disease. A main visual symptom is a ring-like rash around the bitten area. Our staff at DOCS Urgent Care can help you identify other symptoms, such as:

Some Symptoms of a Tick Bite Will Include:

  •  Fever/Chills
  • Headaches, Fatigue, Muscle Aches
  • Nausea
  • Rash (Usually seen at the site of the tick bite)

Diagnosis & Treatment of lyme disease

While symptoms can be a good way to gauge Lyme Disease, DOCS Urgent Care wants to provide the most accurate results for our East Haven, CT patients. We conduct a blood test, typically an ELISA test, to see if certain antibodies have been infected. If positive, we continue with a western-bolt test. Our initial tests ay occasionally provide positive results for negative patients and vice versa, so it is important to be aware of the potential outcome. This could be due to several different factors, such as immunity and timelapse.

Accurate test results are typically produced within 3 weeks of the bite, so we encourage our East Haven patients to be checked as soon as possible. The longer a tick bite goes untreated, the longer it may take to alleviate pain and determine a proper diagnosis.

Protect Yourself From Tick Bites

  • Avoid Wooded Areas and High Grass
  • Walk in Center of Trails
  • Wear long sleeves and pants when working with brush or in other common area of ticks
  • Use repellents that contain 20-30% DEET
  • Use products that contain 0.5% permethrin on clothing.
  • Examine clothes, backpacks and pets after coming back from any outdoor activity

Tick Removal

If you find a tick on your body, it does not automatically mean you have contracted Lyme Disease. It is, however, just as important to remove the tick properly, quickly, and safely. Following is a procedure list to help remove a tick, which can decrease the likelihood of Lyme Disease.

  1. It is important to remain calm when you find a tick. Using tweezers, gently grab a hold of the tick. Do not squeeze too hard or twist the body, as it could leave part of it inside.


  2. When pulling the tick out, make sure to do so steadily. Remove it upward so parts do not get stuck.


  3. After you have removed the tick, clean the bite area thoroughly. We recommend using soap and water, as well as rubbing alcohol and iodine scrub. This can decrease the chance for infection and disease.


  4. With the tick removed and the bite area cleaned, it’s important to properly dispose of the tick. Make sure it is wrapped up and put in a sealable bag or container. This prevents it from escaping and biting again.

The Care When You Need It in East Haven

For the East Haven, CT area, DOCS Urgent Care is here to provide you with affordable and professional care. Your health is our priority.

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