Everything to Know About Summer Allergies

girl sneezing due to summer allergies

The Symptoms

Just because Spring is over does not mean your allergies are over. Many people experience severe allergy symptoms in the summer months. For some people the summer time allergies can be just as bad or worse than the spring and fall seasons. 

– Runny nose
– Water eyes
– Sneezing
– Coughing
– Itchy eyes and nose
– Itchy throat
– Dark circles
– Mouth breathing


The Causes


One of the primary culprits of your summer allergies, mold is most prevalent in hot and humid environments. Mold can spread through the air by the wind which makes it spread quickly. A spring with an above average amount of rain can lead to increased amount of mold in the summer months. 



Pollen similar to Mold in the sense it is most prevalent in the summer months due to the warmth. The pollen comes off of trees, weeds, and grasses to fill the air and make your summer miserable. Trees such as birch, cedar, and oak all release high levels of pollen. Some common sources of weed pollen are sagebrush, pigweed, lamb’s quarters and tumbleweed. It is essential in the summer to look up the pollen count to see how much pollen is in the air at a specific time. Avoid going outside for extended periods of time on days with a high pollen count.


Summer Cold or Summer Allergies?

Are you worried that you could be coming down with a summer cold? First take a look at this list of differences between a summer cold and just summer allergies. 


 Typically with a cold you may experience general aches and pains which you wouldn’t experience with summer allergies.

 The duration of a summer cold is usually around a few days while summer allergies can last for weeks or potentially months.


Solving Summer Allergies

 It is imperative to check the mold and pollen counts to avoid outside contact on those days with high levels. This can help you limit your symptoms when the days are at their worst.

 Keep your home clean and potentially invest in an HVAC system instead of opening windows to let allergens into your home.

 Clean your furry friends when they come inside to stop them from bringing in any allergens.

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