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New Milford, CT Opioid & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The medical professionals of DOCS Urgent Care offer expert opioid & alcohol addiction treatment to New Milford residents. We offer high quality care from board-certified health providers and well-trained practitioners. Docs Urgent Care accepts all insurances.



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What to Know About Addiction Recovery Treatment

Who should seek treatment?

The path to recovery may be difficult to walk alone. The medical professionals at DOCS Urgent Care of New Milford can help make sure you stay on the right track. Addiction is a chronic brain disease characterized by the constant urge for particular substances. Many find that fighting addiction, especially to opioids, can be difficult to do alone. That is why DOCS Urgent Care of New Milford is here to help.

Treatment Options

Treatment options include the potential use of Vivitrol or Suboxone.


Vivitrol, an extended-release form of naltrexone, is a once a month, non-addictive medicine used to treat opioid and alcohol addiction. The trained physicians at DOCS Urgent Care in New Milford can administer Vivitrol.

With each monthly dose, Vivitrol is a medication that helps treat addiction by acting as an opioid antagonist that blocks off opioid receptors. This may help patients by preventing relapse. Combined with social support and counselling, this medication can decrease opioid dependence, as well as lessen cravings.*

Some patients may experience the following symptoms while on Vivitrol: nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, headaches, dizziness, painful joints, decreased appetite, cold symptoms, trouble sleeping, toothaches, or muscle cramps. For more information on the potential side effects and safe use of Vivitrol see here.


Suboxone Sublingual Film, a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, is a prescription treatment option for opioid dependence. It is used in conjunction with counselling and psychosocial support for the sake of a meaningful recovery.

The active ingredient buprenorphine takes over opioid receptors in the brain in order to trick the brain into thinking it is receiving opioids, without producing the euphoric effects and respiratory depression associated with opioids.*

Suboxone should not be used in combination with any form of opioid. The use of suboxone may include the risk of several potential side effects. Before starting Suboxone, discuss the potential benefits and side effects with your physician to see if it is the right treatment option for you. For more information on Suboxone, and its potential side effects, visit here.

What Should I Tell My Healthcare Provider?

When you meet with your DOCS Urgent Care physician, you should inform them about any current or past liver problems, any use of illegal/street drugs, have any bleeding disorders like hemophilia, kidney problems, any debilitating medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Your practitioner at DOCS Urgent care in New Milford will also interview about any other possible factors for your recovery before determining whether Vivitrol or Suboxone is right for your addiction recovery treatment plan.

DOCS Urgent Care in New Milford is part of a large network of DOCS Urgent Care Centers. Our mission is to offer the highest possible quality of care by providing access to professional, board-certified physicians at affordable prices.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary by individual patient or need. DOCS Urgent Care does not guarantee certain results. Treatment and continuation of therapy is at the discretion of the provider pending lab results and patient consultation.

Addiction Recovery Treatment in New Milford When You Need It

DOCS Urgent Care – New Milford, is part of the larger DOCS Urgent Care network. A network of professional Urgent Care clinics run by board-certified physicians. Our goal is to give the highest quality care to our patients while providing affordable services.


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