Pre-Employment Physicals in North Haven, CT 

DOCS Urgent Care is here to provide, for the new North Haven employees, Pre-Employment physical exam services. These are when we will assess their health and capabilities. From going through this process, affiliated businesses will be able to better understand the health of the personnel they plan to hire. And from the results of these exams, they will be able to ensure that each North Haven individual is healthy enough to perform their required tasks.

By being headed by a board-certified provider and ensuring the highest quality care (all for affordable prices as well) our North Haven walk-in clinic is able to accept most insurances.



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Why is the Pre-Employment Physical Examination Necessary?

Within our North Haven’s urgent care, we need to see how each North Haven applicant’s health will influence their employment. Thus, each are given a physical examination. By doing these tests we are able to examine each of our North Haven patients according to the specifics in which they’re designed and they will test their physical health and abilities.

Various medication testing will always be done for North Haven individuals. We do this in order to assess how the medications may affect their work performance. Yet, because of some of the medications, drowsiness may be a symptom; employees who operate heavy machinery should take note of this. Screenings may be a requirement to ensure that mental disorders (such as depression) are not present in these applicants. This is important especially if a North Haven applicant has a high stress occupation. It is crucial for us to keep the workplace safe always, so one of the examinations that we provide at our North Haven clinic is drug testing.

Our Pre-Employment Physicals Include

  • Drug Testing
  • Pre-employment physical
  • Fit for duty Exams
  • Immunizations
  • DOT Physicals
  • Flu Clinic
  • Wellness Exams
  • Lab Testing
  • Physical Abilities Test (PATs)
  • Complete review of medical history
  • Pulmonary & respiratory function tests
  • Vision & hearing function tests
  • Strength tests
  • Medical documentation

Personal and public harm stands as a risk of increasing in the case of drug usage in specific roles. A few of the methods that we provide through our innovative drug screening tests are: blood testing, urinalysis, hair testing and mouth swabs. These various tests are set up depending how the time frame and effectiveness are, including the consideration of the desires of our various employers in the North Haven, CT area.


Comprehensive testings, within this case, can be helpful. These tests give us the opportunity to match potential North Haven employees to the physical expectations of each role. Within these exams, multiple tests of grip and pull strength will occur. These will be done in order to monitor the patient’s general strength and their ability to carry objects.


Our North Haven clinic is careful to protect the general health of each of our North Haven employees, therefore we will offer the most up to date immunizations; such as, but not limited to, Hepatitis B, Influenza and Varicella.

How Often Do I Need to Test My Employees?

The DOT Physical Exam, every 2 years, should be taken by North Haven individuals who hold a commercial driver’s license. Remember to note though that testing should always be done prior to employment.

Pre-employment physicals can be performed on behalf of your company, for all of your North Haven employees. DOCS Urgent Care in North Haven can help with this as a board-certified physician will conduct a comprehensive examination based upon the specific needs of your business and employees. Also, in order to help with the convenience for your North Haven candidates, we will offer extended night and weekend hours along with walk-ins always being accepting. Remember that an appointment is never required.

Care When You Need It in North Haven

DOCS Urgent Care – North Haven, as it stands as a part of the larger DOCS Urgent Care network, is a network of professional Urgent Care Clinics available to help. It is important to remember that our goal, at the end of the day, is to give superior care to our North Haven patients while still providing reasonable services.

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