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At DOCS Urgent Care in Orange, you will receive immediate attention for your injury. Instead of wasting your time in a congested ER, you can take advantage of our walk-in health center that has in-house X-rays. When you come to our clinic, you will receive attentive care and medical services by our professional personnel.

DOCS Urgent Care is looked after by a board-certified physician which means you will receive top-notch, compassionate care by our licensed employees. You will get the same expert services the ER provides, but an affordable price unlike what the ER charges. We do everything we can to make insurance plans easily accepted so we can help every person who walks into our Orange office at a reasonable price.



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Fear that you may have fractured your bone, or worse, broke it? Too much force on your bones can cause cracks or breaks, which explains why they are rigid and can have little to no flex. If you were involved in something serious, as in a car crash or collision, then there is a chance that these bones may have completely shattered. If you believe that your bone is broken due to injury, our team of specialists, physicians, and technicians at DOCS Urgent Care of Orange, have the experience and tools needed for your care.

Other Medical Conditions Diagnosed With An X-Ray?

X-Rays can be used for more than just broken bones. At our Orange location, we can use digital imaging to check for multiple health complications that include: 


Joint disclosures 

Foreign bodies 

Kidney stones 

Bowel obstructions and other various stomach issues 

Congestion or fluid in the lungs


Listed below are various types of bone fractures, such as:

*Oblique fracture – This is fracture happens in angled patterns that are often seen as 45 degree breaks.
*Transverse fracture – A broken bone with a horizontal fracture line.
*Comminuted fracture – This fracture occurs under high intensity pressure where the bone is broken in  2 or more areas.
*Open, or compound, fracture –  This fracture can be visibly seen where the bone itself is protruding out the skin.

Symptoms of a Broken or Fractured Bone

You may have experienced a broken bone or fracture if you display these symptoms:

  • Sharp pain when moving the injured area
  • Dark colored bruises developing
  • You are tender to the touch/ welling
  • Visibly see the bone punctured through the skin or your bone looks abnormal/ out of place

It is best not to wait if you have any of these symptoms and come in to get treatment right away. We can get you an X-Ray right away without wasting time in a waiting room all day.

X-Rays in Orange When You Need It

DOCS Urgent Care – Orange is part of a large DOCS Urgent Care community that has expert medical physicians and doctors. Our top prority is to assist your injury promptly and at an affordable price so you can get better in no time