Elderly Vaccinations in Southington, CT

DOCS in Southington offers elderly patients the vaccines they need to continue living a healthy life. Though young children and adolescents are typically targeted most to receive vaccines, their health effects wear off over time. Depending on your age, job, lifestyle, and health conditions, you may be more prone to certain diseases. Help protect yourself against these harmful illnesses by making an appointment today with one of our expert medical providers. We accept most major insurances and welcome walk-ins.

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What to Know About Vaccinations & Immunizations

What is a Vaccination?

Vaccines are intended to stimulate production of antibodies, helping to provide immunity against the targeted disease. Vaccines actually contain a strain of the disease, but that doesn’t mean you will contract it upon receiving your shot. The germs present in vaccines have either been killed or weakened to the point that they become safe for human interaction. Though vaccines are not a curative measure, they do help our bodies to build immunity and protect us against any interaction with the disease.

Why Does the Elderly Need Vaccinations?

For individuals 65 and older in the Southington area, vaccines can be crucial to maintaining your health. As we age our immune systems weaken, making it difficult to fight off diseases. For those with certain health conditions like diabetes or heart disease, they are a key aspect in maintaining your overall health. Vaccinations help by not only preventing us from getting sick, but by reducing the number of outbreaks within a community.

Elderly Vaccinations Offered in Southington

Older individuals have a higher risk of contracting certain illnesses that could be prevented by a vaccine. Typically, lack of prevention is to blame for mortality when elderly patients are diagnosed with diseases. With age comes a weakened immune system, and higher risk of becoming ill. Our Southington office offers patients quality care from expert doctors and does everything we can to keep the community healthy.

Our elderly patients will follow a specific immunization schedule, just like our younger patients receive. Always speak with your Southington Primary Care Physician to go over and fully understand your schedule.

Older adults aged 65+ can take charge of their health by receiving vaccines including:

  • Flu (Influenza)
  • Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
  • Pneumonia (Pneumococcal)
  • TD (Tetanus Diphtheria)
  • TDAP (Whooping Cough)
  • Hepatitis A (HEP A)
  • Hepatitis B (HEP B)
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)

The Care You Need When You Need It in Southington

Vaccines not only help to prevent you from contracting a disease, they help communities stay healthy by reducing the number of outbreaks. Protecting your children, as well as yourself, is important to maintain a healthy life. Talk with your Southington primary care physician today to review your immunization schedule and update your vaccines.

Our board-certified physicians are here to help educate patients on the benefits of vaccines, we provide quality care and affordable vaccine options.

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