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The DOCS Urgent Care in Stamford offers dependable allergy testing and treatment if you currently suffer from allergies. Work alongside our professional Allergist who will get to the origin of your allergy symptoms. After discovering the reason, we’ll develop a fitting treatment plan that’s right for you.

The board-certified physician and helpful staff at our Stamford location work hard to deliver quality care that you can count on. You’ll find that we’re open every day for your convenience. If you’re unable to make an appointment, no worries! We take walk-ins during normal business hours. If you’re an afflicted with allergies, we encourage you to come to see our friendly and professional staff to get tested today.



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The Importance of Allergy Testing

Allergy Shots are injections that patients receive on regular intervals over the course of three to five years. Over time, the injections reduce or completely prevent allergy attacks. This treatment method is referred to as immunotherapy. Like how vaccines function, each individual allergy shot contains a small portion of the allergen. This is just enough to stimulate your immune system, but not enough to cause a full allergic reaction. Over time, the allergen dosage in each injection is slowly increased. Your immune system eventually builds a tolerance to the allergen, reducing or eliminating your allergy symptoms over time. The Allergists in our Bethel Urgent Care can lay out a treatment plan best suited to your allergens and level of reaction.

Symptoms of Allergies

Here are some common symptoms of allergies:

  • Sneezing and irritations of the nose
  • Itching and redness of the eyes
  • Trouble breathing or shortness of breath
  • Abdominal (stomach) pain or bloating
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin irritation, including rashes and/or hives
  • Swelling or itching skin
  • Dizziness

If symptoms prevent normal day-to-day activities, or if you have a sudden onset of symptoms, you should see an allergist. It’s especially critical if a child in your care experiences severe or abrupt symptoms.

What to Know About Allergy Shots

What Are Allergy Shots?

Allergy Shots, also known as immunotherapy, are given in our Stamford clinic. These injections are provided over a three to five-year span at a set quantity of intervals. The total treatment time depends largely on your allergy symptom severity. These allergy shots help to reduce and eradicate your allergy attacks eventually.

It’s proven to cure patients of their allergies entirely by building a tolerance to everyday particles that your immune system reacts to. Over time, our specialists increase the allergen dose until you’re able to receive the full strength without a response. The Allergists in our Stamford Urgent Care always work hard to help patients recover from allergies so they can lead healthy lives symptom-free.

For Which Types of Allergens is Immunotherapy Effective?

Immunotherapy treats various allergens effectively.

  • Indoor allergens – Patients who suffer yearly allergy symptoms may be sensitive to indoor allergens, like dust mites, mold, cockroaches, and dander from pets.
  • Insect allergens – Allergic reactions caused by stings and bites from wasps, hornets, bees and yellow jackets.
  • Seasonal allergies – This allergy is most widespread during spring and summer when pollens are released from trees, weeds, and grasses. Asthma and hay fever are common reactions.

Who Should Get Allergy Shots?

Allergy Shots (immunotherapy) are helpful for most allergies. They are exceptionally beneficial for these types of people:

  • Anyone with medications that do not effectively control allergic reactions
  • Anyone looking for long-term relief from allergies and wants to stop using allergy medications
  • Anyone allergic to insect stings
  • Anyone who have other medications that conflict with or counteract their allergy medication

After our Allergist determines the cause of your allergies, then you can be given the proper treatment.

Poison Ivy & Rashes

We provide treatment for poison ivy rashes in the DOCS Urgent Care in Stamford. A rash occurs after your skin comes into contact with the poison ivy oils. It tends to occur if you brush up against the plant but it also happens if an animal gets oil on their fur and then you pet the animal. Other types of plants such as poison oak or sumac can cause comparable rashes.


Unless you’re the type of person who doesn’t exhibit poison ivy symptoms, you can expect to see them appear within about one to two days. These fluctuate according to your skin’s sensitivity level. Your symptoms could persist anywhere from one to three weeks but typically start to get better within two weeks. These symptoms are indicative of poison ivy:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Difficult breathing from poison ivy being burned and inhaled

Treatment for Poison Ivy

Poison ivy rashes can be treated safely at home. Try to avoid scratching, and cut your child’s nails to help. Calamine lotion and oatmeal baths can help reduce itching. If your symptoms get worse, go to your Stamford Urgent Care for assistance. There’s no need for an appointment, just walk into your Stamford DOCS Urgent Care if you or your child start to have the following symptoms:

  • Trouble breathing after inhaling the smoke from burning poison ivy
  • Blisters appearing at the affected area
  • Fever
  • Signs of infection
  • Oozing blisters or sores
  • If symptoms stay for over than three weeks

DOCS Urgent Care in Stamford is a part of a wider DOCS Urgent Care network. Our Urgent Care clinics are managed by board-certified physicians who strive to offer the best in allergy testing and treatment at affordable rates. If you suffer from chronic allergies, talk with our medical team for additional details about our allergy testing and treatment in our Stamford location, today.

Allergy Testing & Treatment in Stamford When You Need It

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