Tick Removal & Lyme Disease Testing in Stamford, CT

The Stamford, CT area is full of wooded areas that are great for enjoying outdoor activities. However, this also means frequent exposure to ticks and other pests. Here at the DOCS Urgent Care, we believe everyone should be aware of ticks and check for potential Lyme Disease. With our professional and trained physicians, we help all of our patients with tick bites and provide proper treatments.

The DOCS Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. Our Stamford patients are welcome to come for walk-in appointments or call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. We ask all patients to bring a photo ID and an updated insurance card. This allows for speedy service. We strive to help every patient receive the care they need!



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Why get tested?

The East Coast has some of the best weather around, and entices people to go for long walks in the spring, summer, and fall months. While it feels great to get out and enjoy nature, it is also important to be cautious and aware of ticks. Ticks are tiny pests that have the ability to carry bacteria and various viruses from one host to another. The Stamford area is residence to the Ixodes Scapularis, which is a type of tick that is a main carrier of Lyme Disease. This can be spread to other people after a tick has bitten a previously infected host.

While none of this sounds enjoyable, it certainly can be cared for. If you spend time outdoors or walking through long grass and brush, make sure to be checked for ticks regularly. If you have experienced a bite, it is important to be tested as soon as possible. This can decrease the risk for exposure to Lyme Disease.

getting checked for lyme

When you experience a tick bite, the first step is to remain calm. It does not immediately mean you have contracted Lyme Disease, and our tests here at DOCS Urgent Care can help our Stamford patients. We review several different symptoms to help you receive the proper treatment and maintain proper health after experiencing a tick bite. Following is a list of symptoms to be pay attention to:

Some Symptoms of a Tick Bite Will Include:

  •  Fever/Chills
  • Headaches, Fatigue, Muscle Aches
  • Nausea
  • Rash (Usually seen at the site of the tick bite)

Diagnosis & Treatment of lyme disease

At DOCs Urgent Care, we perform a blood test to check for Lyme Disease. We test antibodies for bacteria that could be potentially affected. We typically perform the Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay, or ELISA test. This will come out either positive or negative. If positive, we double check with a western-bolt test to be certain. Occasionally, tests may come back positive for people who are not infected, or even come back negative for people who are infected. There are several different factors that can affect a test’s result, so it is important to be checked immediately. This can increase accuracy of test results.

When a Lyme Disease diagnosis is caught and determined early on, typically within the first month, our Stamford patients tend to recover quickly. Leaving it untreated may require additional treatments later on.

Protect Yourself From Tick Bites

  • Avoid Wooded Areas and High Grass
  • Walk in Center of Trails
  • Wear long sleeves and pants when working with brush or in other common area of ticks
  • Use repellents that contain 20-30% DEET
  • Use products that contain 0.5% permethrin on clothing.
  • Examine clothes, backpacks and pets after coming back from any outdoor activity

Tick Removal

Finding a tick is rarely a wonderful sight, and it is important to know how to safely remove it. Removing a tick quickly and properly can decrease the risk of Lyme Disease. Follow the listed procedure for tick removal:

  1. Using fine-tipped tweezers for increase precision, gently grab hold of the tick. Do not squeeze or twist, but lightly grasp it.

  2. Slowly and steadily, pull the tick directly upwards to remove it. Again, do not twist, as this could leave part of the tick inside.

  3. With the tick safely removed, immediately wash the bitten area thoroughly with soap and comfortable water. Rubbing alcohol and an iodine scrub can add a measure of cleanliness.

  4. After cleaning the bitten area, dispose of the tick properly. Wrap it up in either a napkin or tape, then place it in a sealable container, as to prevent it from escaping.

The Care When You Need It in Stamford

For the Stamford, CT region, DOCS Urgent Care is dedicated to serving all of your health needs, including tick bites and testing for Lyme Disease. Our professional physicians give quality treatments and always at affordable prices. We look forward to helping you feel better!


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