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Walk-in Clinic Stamford, CT

Patients at DOCS Urgent Care in Stamford are met with the highest quality medical treatment from our professional and board-certified medical providers. We promise every patient a professional atmosphere from the entrance to the medical examination room. Patients at DOCS Urgent Care don’t need any appointment or doctor’s referral! With a convenient and quick walk in, patients receive affordable care with every visit.



2001 W Main Street
Stamford, CT 06902

(203) 658-8291

(203) 658-8294


The Quality Care You Need

At our DOCS Urgent Care clinic, a professional staff is ready to meet your needs and conduct medical exams, make diagnosis of illness, and treat non-life threatening conditions. Our walk in clinic can treat a wide variety of conditions that require medical attention. Walk in services include the following:

  • Treatment for a variety of acute illnesses & injuries
  • Immunizations including flu shots
  • Digital X-rays
  • Lab testing
  • Minor surgical procedures including stitches
  • A variety of physicals including exams for sports, camps, immunization, & employment
    Travel Medicine

There are few things worse than an unexpected urgent health crisis. For urgent care, getting fast treatment—and the right treatment!—is critical. DOCS Urgent Care’s walk-in clinic in Stamford is your trusted walk-in clinic.

Quick diagnosis and treatment

Our professional staff at DOCS Urgent Care Stamford can help you find the correct treatment if you are experiencing symptoms that seem like a common cold or flu. If you have an injury such as a broken or fractured bone, or if you have an injury that requires stitches or staples, we are ready to treat you in office so there is no need for an emergency room visit.

When you aren’t feeling well, our staff is equipped to provide sophisticated and convenient medical care. Our staff is comprised of doctors, medical providers, and administrative staff that can guarantee you leave the office feeling better.

A Convenient Walk-in Policy

At DOCS Urgent Care in Stamford, our staff knows that scheduling appointments at doctors’ offices can be a difficult and stressful task. At our walk in clinic, we can provide all patients with convenient and efficient services that require appointments otherwise. The walk in clinic provides patients with all sorts of care from physicals to vaccinations.

Our staff at DOCS Urgent Care provides patients with travel medical services on a walk in basis. When travel plans change or come up in an unexpected way, we can do our best to meet the needs of all international travelers on a short notice.

For international travel that requires specific vaccines or lab work, our office in Stamford, CT will do all they can to meet the needs of your travel itinerary at a fast pace.

The Care You Need, When You Need It in Bethel

Our health care clinic in Stamford is available for walks ins throughout the week. Our clinic will be here for you when you need us for any medical need. DOCS Urgent Care in Stamford is a larger part of the DOCS Urgent Care Network. The DOCS Urgent Care Network is a wide network of urgent care clinics that are run by professional doctors and medical physicians. Our goal at DOCS Urgent Care is to provide affordable health care to all patients at the highest quality.