Diagnostic Lab Testing Services in Stratford, CT

DOCS Urgent Care of Stratford is the perfect place for patients seeking affordable, reliable, and convenient lab tests in the Stratford area. Our on-site diagnostic lab’s talented staff can test for a huge variety of medical conditions that may be affecting Stratford-area patients. We offer everything from full lab panels to lab cultures, pregnancy testing, STD testing, hepatitis testing, drug screens, DNA testing, and breast cancer screens.



200 E Main Street (Dock Plaza – Railside)
Stratford, CT 06614

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Convenient, On-Site Lab Testing

DOCS Urgent Care of Stratford is headed by a board-certified health provider. Our lab features high-tech medical equipment that run laboratory tests for an array of illnesses and conditions. We are dedicated to helping patients who visit our facility and always strive to provide accurate results in a reasonable timeframe. At DOCS Urgent Care of Stratford, all of our medical professionals and technicians are well trained in the skills needed to correctly run medical tests. Patients and their doctors deserve to be able to start treatment as soon as possible, and a diagnosis based on medical testing is a must-have!


Lab Cultures – Sampling and culture of tissue or bodily fluid to detect infections and determine sensitivity to antibiotics.

Full Lab Panels – Used to help for diagnosis in wide-range of potential illnesses.

Pregnancy Diagnosis – A more accurate diagnoses of pregnancy at early gestation.

Hepatitis Testing– A series of blood tests to detect current or past infections of hepatitis A, B or C.

STD Testing – Quick, confidential screenings for a variety of common sexually transmitted diseases.

Influenza Testing – Rapid testing for the detection of Influenza viral antigens in the respiratory tract.

Avoid the Emergency Room Crowds for Lab Testing

The team at DOCS Urgent Care of Stratford treats patients handles blood work, medical imaging, and full lab panels in a medically sound and professional manner. Once your doctor has the results from DOCS Urgent Care of Southington in hand—usually within hours or days of your labs being conducted—they will be able to make medical diagnoses. At that point, you and your doctor can begin a treatment plan if necessary.

Triage nurses understandably prioritize patients who are truly ill in the emergency room, so otherwise healthy adults experience longer wait times in the ER. If you’re considering a trip to the ER for lab tests, think about visiting DOCS Urgent Care of Stratford instead! We are also a great alternative to a trip to the general physician. 

The Care You Need, When You Need It in Stratford

Our on-site medical lab is ideal for non-emergency laboratory tests, blood tests, and medical imagery. The goal of DOCS Urgent Care of Stratford is to make sure each visitor to our facility receives cost-effective, reliable lab work.

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