Elderly Vaccinations in Waterbury, CT

Children’s vaccinations are remarkably important to the overall health of our kids.  However, many older individuals are unaware of the significance of elderly vaccinations later on in life.  Elderly vaccinations and immunizations are beneficial to the overall health of many older adults. Vaccinations we receive as children wear off over time thus the need for vaccinations later on in life.  

Many elderly immunizations help to avoid contracting or spreading various diseases to family and friends.  Here at DOCS Urgent Care in Waterbury we offer all our older patients convenient and affordable vaccinations as well as walk-in times that are wait-free, a dedicated team of medical experts and we accept all forms of major insurances.

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What to Know About Vaccinations & Immunizations

What is a Vaccination?

Though a vaccination contains the same germs that are found within a specific disease, the germs are actually weakened enough and even killed off so as to avoid sickness.  Vaccinations help to stimulate the body’s immune system and produce antibodies which then help the body to develop an immunity to a specific disease. Though vaccinations are helpful in the prevention of diseases they are in no way a cure for diseases.   

Why Does the Elderly Need Vaccinations?

Older adults over the age of 65, have to give focus to their immune systems that have become weakened over the years making it very difficult to fight diseases. Those individuals who suffer with an already existing health condition such as diabetes or a heart condition, can benefit greatly from appropriate vaccinations that help in the prevention of other diseases.

Elderly Vaccinations Offered in Waterbury

Elderly adults are at a much higher risk for contracting vaccine-preventable diseases, but many fail to receive appropriate vaccinations to help ward of diseases.  As a result of this lack of protection against these diseases, they can suffer morbidity and even mortality. At our Waterbury office of the DOCS Urgent Care, we provide all our older adult patients with convenient and affordable immunizations and vaccinations that help contribute to their betterment of life.        

Children must be vaccinated in their younger years and the elderly also need to follow an immunization schedule and receive appropriate vaccinations in their elder years.  It is important to first consult with your personal Waterbury Primary Care Physician and learn more about the immunizations before putting an actual immunization schedule in place.

Older adults aged 65+ can take charge of their health by receiving vaccines including:

  • Flu (Influenza)
  • Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
  • Pneumonia (Pneumococcal)
  • TD (Tetanus Diphtheria)
  • TDAP (Whooping Cough)
  • Hepatitis A (HEP A)
  • Hepatitis B (HEP B)
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)

The Care You Need When You Need It in Waterbury

Vaccinations are one very effective way of reducing the chances of contracting or spreading a number of diseases.  Just as it is important to vaccinate our children, so it is important to give yourself appropriate care in your elder years and receive necessary vaccinations.  For more information about vaccinations and immunization schedules be sure to talk with your primary care physician here in New Haven today.

The dedicated team of medical physicians here at the Waterbury location of the DOCS Urgent Care Center take tremendous pride in the comprehensive care and treatment we provide to all our patients and to the affordable and convenient vaccinations we provide to all our elderly patients.


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