What to Look for In a Primary Care Physician

There are many benefits to having a primary care provider including better patient-to-provider communication, referrals to other specialty doctors and management to chronic diseases. But, how do you go about choosing a primary care provider? 

The relationship you have with your primary care provider is one of the most important because this physician will learn your medical history, your medications, your possible health conditions, lifestyle and what treatment you prefer. To help you make the right choice when it comes to your health, we’ve listed out some of the top qualities and resources to look for in your PCP.  

Tips on How to Find Your Primary Care Provider 


Find Out If the Doctor is In Your “Network”

Many health plans have negotiated discounted rates for specific doctors or hospitals that are in your area. You’ll pay less out of pocket for a doctor that is in your “network.” The best way to find out what doctors are in your network is to call your insurance company to verify. You can do so by calling the 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card. 

At all 16 of our DOCS Urgent Care locations in Connecticut, we accept all major insurances. If you would like to confirm that we accept your insurance, please find your nearest DOCS location and call to verify.

Have Your Needs In Mind 

Every person has unique health needs that will often change as we get older. It’s important to find a primary care provider that you trust with your health conditions (or for your children). Start off by asking your doctor what they specialize in. Some specialize in pediatrics, while others might have a special interest in sports medicine. If you struggle with multiple complex medical issues or if you are an older individual, you’ll benefit more from seeing a geriatrician who specializes in the care of older patients. 

Consider the Location 

For some, quality healthcare has no distance too far. For others, you may value having local, convenient care right in your town. You’ll also want to also consider office hours – what days and times is the doctor available? Do they only visit one location or can you see them at other offices? 

At DOCS Urgent Care, we know that our patients want quality care in the most convenient locations. That’s why we have 16 different locations all across Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford counties. We want to make sure that our patients don’t have to travel long distances to receive the care they deserve. All of our locations have compassionate doctors and nurses who are more than excited about offering primary care services to all of our patients. We also offer our services 365 days a year because we understand that things happen and walk-in care is an efficient way to assure that you’re seen the same day. 

Visit the Doctor 

Even if you go off referrals, you’ll get a more accurate reading of your potential doctor by visiting them for a wellness check-up. Make sure that during your visit, you feel comfortable with both the office, the nurses and the doctor. You should be able to talk confidently with your doctor and know that you can rely on them for your healthcare management. 

To know if you like the atmosphere in the doctor’s office, make note of a few different things. How is the demeanor of the people who answer the phones? Are the office assistants and nurses friendly? What is the wait like? There are many different factors that can conclude if you will enjoy making this your primary care location. 

Start Receiving Quality Care Today

At DOCS Urgent Care (throughout Connecticut), we offer both urgent care services and primary care services. Whether you need a general check-up, physical, or require a PCP that can help manage your chronic condition, we are here for you. We can offer you the same services as a primary care physician without the wait times or inconvenient schedules. Our doctors are trained and experienced in providing care for infants, adolescents, young adults and seniors. To start receiving care from DOCS, find out which location is closest to you!

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